Lockport, Illinois

I've been an Eddie Bauer customer for years and spend at least $100 every time I go. My local Eddie Bauer (Orland Park, IL) has been closed for relocation.

It closed in May, the new location opened today. I shop in store, not comfortable online, so I saved my last $5 certificate earned on purchases until the new location opened. Today is past the expiration date, but since they were moving and it was an earned reward, I thought they would honor it.

They didn't - I even spoke with the manager who wouldn't accept it. I am calm about these things, but I did inform him that Eddie Bauer just lost a long time customer.

Monetary Loss: $5.

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Depending on how much time had passed, they may really not have been able to do anything about it even if they had wanted to. Expired certificates generally will only still work in the system a week or two past the expiration date.

However, that is still a very unfortunate situation and I am inclined to think there was something that could have been done.

If the management changed between the store closing and reopening, that may have had something to do with it. New management is less likely to help in situations like this because they are afraid of being fired for "breaking policy."


Normally I would say why should an exception be made for an expired coupon, but given the circumstances I agree that it doesn't make sense to lose a good customer over $5. Some companies seem to lack common sense when it comes to customer service,