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I was at the Eddie Bauer in Coquitlam Centre, Canada, BC. I was asking the manager there (Nicky), who was on cash, about a discount item.

She rudely cut me off before I could finish what I was saying, and replied in a very hostile way. She put the shirt away before I even said whether I still wanted it or not. She was arguing with me and not letting me finish talking. Of course, I left right after that without purchasing.

She doesn't deserve to be a manager. I don't think I'll ever go to another Eddie Bauer again.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Ask said manager Nicky to provide a full apology to me. Also, educate her on proper customer service for the sake of future customers..

Eddie Bauer Cons: Rude and hostile manager, Bad customer service.

  • Hostile Manager
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A very one sided bias complaint. I've been shopping at this particular Eddie Bauer store for years and found great service with no problems.

Being in the store at the time and heard your commotion over sale prices that were logical enough to the average consumer. You being the one that 'studies law' assumed you had higher knowledge and notoriety and acted one could say *** towards the employees. How do you expect decent customer service when no respect is given to begin with? I'm honestly surprised the employees kept their cool when you were wanting to pick a fight just cause you didn't like how the sale was presented.

The world is full of *** that annoy others in the day, please improve yourself as a person to make it one less. That's all I ask.