In late March 2014, I ordered a light weight down field jacket using my brand new (never used) Platinum Visa card. Less than 24 hours later, my card was charged for $744 for a plane ticket from Argentina to New York!!

I immediately canceled my card and had it reissued. The only place on earth that had my CC info at that time was Eddie Bauer. I week or so later, I received my jacket, which ended up being too small (thought I used EB's size charts). I returned the jacket the same day in the original box with a request for exchange.

As of today (22 May), I still don't have the replacement jacket. I logged into the eddiebauer.com site to check order status and saw they tried to charge my now canceled Visa card. At no time did Eddie Bauer try to call or email me regarding my exchange. They just abandoned the order.

I used EB's instant chat service to cancel the stalled order, which they were only too happy to do. The customer service rep online told me the jacket was on backorder anyway, even thought their website shows it in stock. This is NOT the Eddie Bauer of the 1980's!!! They are now run much more like a European online store where you're lucky to get what you order, if at all.

I'm done with Eddie Bauer, there are simply too many good alternatives out there, even for life-long EB customers like me. Buyer Beware!!

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