Longview, Washington
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I ordered two pair of women's pants on 9/24 online via EB website. After completing order, I decided to cancel because the pants were on back order and wouldn't show up till around Christmas.

I called EB and was told I could not cancel once an internet order was made. Subsequently, two pending charges showed up on my checking account. I had the impression that I would not be charged for these items until they were shipped.` I could not find any detail on my order statement regarding sales tax or shipping charges. I also noticed that EB had not given me the discount I entered on the order.

I had to make a second call to get this straightened out. When I spend money I like to have control over the outcomes. I don't like to be swindled.

And I don't like having to become a hyper-vigilant consumer. Done with you EB.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Eddie Bauer Pros: Quality.

Eddie Bauer Cons: Conflicting information.

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I had a very similar experience in the past 2 weeks and thought it was crazy.

Two charges for $35 more than my purchase and no item.

They can't figure out what is in stock, how to refund reward certificates or how to give refunds.

It took 3-4 hours on the phone w/crappy customer service and my bank to resolve the issue--I had to dispute the charges like it was fraud.

Customer service representatives were weak, I was constantly put on hold, no apologies or explanations given for why this happened.

Never again!