Granby, Quebec
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I've put off complaining about Eddie Bauer for months because I love their products, but it seems that each time I buy online from them there's something to be mad about. I've had the experience of ordering something but not receiving it because it's out of stock.

Super disappointing. This has happened to many others on here. This is poor planning on the part of Eddie Bauer that I've gotten used to. THIS TIME, the prices changed on me.

Absurd! There was an error checking out so I opened a new page to restart my order. When I started adding the same items to my cart, I noticed the prices had gone up 20%! I was using a discount code on clearance items.

My guess is that they had intended to mark up the prices of the items because of the discount code, but didn't do it in time. So instead of leaving it be, they change it while customers are in the middle of shopping with the code. That's just bad practice.

Eddie Bauer, stop punishing your customers for your mistakes. When you've finally got your act together concerning your online store, I'll have nothing but love for the store.

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