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ALL Active Duty Military, Reserves and Retired Veterans; Listen up!!

On 3/18/2015 @ 10:33AM while shopping at a Eddie Bauer outlet store #00764 @ Myrtle Beach SC, I looked at some crew shirts to purchase and was asked bu the clerk (Elizabeth) to apply for a E B Credit Card and I could receive several discounts ( store discount 10%, store coupon 25%) WOW what a deal, right? WRONG!

Guys and Gals, never ever do this, there is a rip-off later, as I found out. That said, my total purchase on the now approved E B Credit Card was a mere $27.07. While filling out the necessary paper for the CC, I asked the clerk to send this to my P O Box which was computer printed on the top of the CC approval, mind you they wanted my home address and that was also given, but she was asked to only send mail to my P O Box because " I don't receive mail at my home". Moving on, I started getting calls for a payment last month, and I explained to the "collector, I did not receive my CC or anything in the mail.

Finally, this past Monday 13 July 2015 , guess what I received a bill, yep, for $86.07 !!!

now folks that is one heck of a way do business. Don't SHOP EDDIE BAUER, my best advice

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $59.

Eddie Bauer Cons: Conflicting information.

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Wait so you knew you'd owe the money to start with but didn't bother to pay it off the next month? Do you know how credit cards work?