I live near Seattle and Eddie was once a respectable and reliable brand. Now it is all Chinese junk.

Why they quit putting drawstrings in their swimsuits and nothing but cheap elastic that doesn't keep anything on while swimming is patently absurd.

Also they used to make good fleece, but now all this *** down *** that only an Japanese teen could love is. Down is worthless in the northwest.

They were once the ultimate outdoorsman's clothing and Equipment company.

Now all they are just a *** Gap so I will go to REI. The trend to Asian clothing is so they can make a profit and rip off Asian workers and i will not support that BS.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Ironically, I believe the marketing savvy that EB now displays was in consultation with "experts" at REI. :(


"that only a Japanese teen could love"

And this is based on extensive knowledge of Japanese teens who must surely all love the same thing? Which so happens to be down?

You won't support assumed exploitation of foreign workers but you will make remarks hinting at some form of racism? Okay then. Feel free to check the tags of multiple items in an Eddie Bauer store to realize that the clothing is manufactured in multiple countries. Taiwan, Vietnam, Guatemala, Pakistan, etc.

Each factory is owned by Eddie Bauer and thus up to United States factory standards.

While the complaint could be made that these are jobs that could have been given to people in the United States, these jobs are also benefiting workers in other countries.