Arlington, Virginia

My wife and I agreed to exchange only one gift this Christmas. Hers was to be a nice sweater from Eddie Bauer.

The website said supplies were limited, so hurry! I did, and they strung me along for a week to believe that the order was being processed. Then today, 9 days before Christmas, they e-mail that the item is "no longer available." It's probably pro forma for them, but a HUGE thing to me and, of course, to my wife.

I will NEVER buy anything again from this company. I advise that readers of this also write them off of your shopping list!

Monetary Loss: $50.

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Eddie Bauer back-ordered an "on sale" down jacket I ordered as a Christmas gift for my girlfriend. It was delayed over two months.

I finally received an email stating the product was "no longer available".

What a joke. I will never buy from Eddie Bauer again.


I just had a similiar experience. Ordered a jacket for a Christmas present online on 12/8/13, the very next day it went on sale for 40% off.

I called Eddie Bauer and they at first would not adjust the price. Also refused to cancel an "online" order. Told me to refuse the jacket when delivered and reorder it. After 45 minutes on the phone, and a lot of persistance, they agreed to adjust the price.

Today 12/16/13 I received an email saying "sorry your item is out of stock". That's it, too bad for me.

I will NEVER order from them again and I recommend that anyone considering ordering REALLY think about it. You may never get your purchase and Eddie Bauer's customer servise is horrible.


"Nice sweater from Eddie Bauer". This is an oxymoron.