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I tried to return a pair of new pants to the Alderwood Mall Eddie Bauer store. The pants had the labels on them and were never worn. The clerk said "no problem" we have a satisfaction guarantee. After about 15-minutes of haggling with another clerk she said she could not return the pants because the part number did not show up on the computer. Then a few customers came over and saw that the pants were indeed new with all tags (price tag and part number tags) in place. After they saw what was happening they put down their purchases and left the store.

I then called corporate customer support and they said "I'm sorry for your inconvenience and I'm sure we can satisfy you here." They also could not find the part number but said they would contact the Alderwood store and have them call me. That was a month ago. So much for the satisfaction guarantee – "Every item we sell will give you complete satisfaction or you may return it for a full refund.â„¢"

Corporate may also see the description of the following terms – ROC and CLTV. It is the net discounted cash flows from all future purchases. In this case this amount went from several thousand dollars to zero. Not a good pay back for not crediting for another purchase the $30 price tag amount. This is a good case study on how not to treat your customer and shows a transactional instead of a relationship strategy. Had I been the store manager I would have said, "No problem. I will certainly credit these pants for another purchase even if we can ot find the part number. They say Eddie Bauer and that is what we go by."

Monetary Loss: $30.

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I agree with previous posters about this most likely being a licensed product. If this happens again, I would suggest looking up retailers that sell Eddie Bauer licensed products online (Sears, Target, Sam's Club, etc.) and calling the stores to see if they could try the UPC in their computer system to identify from which store the product was purchased.


You're a nut job. You walk into a store to return an item with no receipt and expect a refund?

You obviously did not bring them back to the store you originally purchased them from. Sounds like you're trying to scam a company out of some money.

I'm glad you were turned away... scammers like you are the reason clothing prices keep going up.


There are Eddie Bauer licensed products sold at discount retailers such as Sam's Club and Cosco's. These items do have an Eddie Bauer label but cannot be returned at an Eddie Bauer store as the UPC's are completely different.

If you got a pair of relaxed fit pants for $30 then most likely they came from another company because the actual Eddie Bauer (100% Satisfaction Guarantee quality) pants actually cost around $40-$50.

Unfortunately the associates in this particular store should have known this and been able to better assist you, but they cannot give you credit for items that are licensed for other retailers. Surely you don't believe that an owner of an Eddie Bauer Ford Explorer should be able to just drive up into a retail store and return his SUV just because it has an Eddie Bauer label on it!


This is true. If it's a licensed product, like from Target, Sam's, etc, then the item can not be returned to an Eddie Bauer store.

Don't even try it, the store can't take it back because there is no way for it to go through their system. It's not the associates at the stores fault either. There really isn't anything they can do about it, tags or no tags. Companies license out they're name frequently, so it's not just an Eddie Bauer thing.

But just know where you got it and return it there next time.


If there isn't a number that the associate can input in the computer then they can't be returned. Tags or no tags.

UPC's are needed to return an item and without a receipt the cashier would have no idea what the current selling price would be. If it can't be entered into the registers then there isn't much that can be done.

People can't just make up numbers. Companies do watch those things and will call out stores and people could lose their jobs.


I understand you being upset, but a store has to protect themselves from shoplifters. Surely, you understand most places will not return something without a receipt.

Were they purchased at an outlet mall? Also, customer service should be able to pull the purchase up from you debit/credit card number and/or your Eddie Bauer friend's account.