Greensboro, North Carolina
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Eddie Bauer outsources customer service - not to India, but to West At Home agents that work from home. Based on my experience, most of the agents genuinely want to help, but Eddie Bauer makes it extremely hard.

First, agents are penalized if calls take longer than 4-5 minutes, so they want to get you off the phone as fast as possible. Second, they are penalized if they can't get you to buy something, even if you're calling in with a complaint, which is why you'll often hear "helpful suggestions" when you call in. We cannot tell you we are working from home; instead, we have to say we're in Omaha or we're in a "call center" from our local city. Eddie Bauer pays minimum wage with no benefits, holidays, vacation pay, or anything like that, and no schedules are assigned.

Instead, agents have to constantly be online, regardless of whether they are working or not, to try and snag 30-minute "shifts" they can work. It's a very stressful job; you never know what hours you will work the following week or even if you'll be able to grab any hours, you're paid minimum wage with no benefits, and you're "coached" every week about increasing sales and getting customers to buy the discounted item of the moment. This is how much Eddie Bauer cares about their customers. West At Home isn't even one of the good "work at home" companies, and the people that are taking your calls have access to all your private information, including your credit card information.

They're paid less than they would make if they worked at McDonald's or WalMart. And you wonder why you're not getting good service?

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I worked for Eddie Bauer for 2 years. The above is 100% true.