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Customer service is extremely rude an condescending, they will not let you speak, they treat you like your dumb and like total dog ***. I will never shop them again, *** eddie bauer..

they charged me for shipping when its free shipping on all orders, yet when I called to get a refund the gum smacking lady was rude, I asked for supervisor, none to be had ...

the *** kept laughing at me, and told me i was rude, what a ***, futhermore while I stare at my paypal transaction they are telling me I am wrong! I am looking at my invoice, yet FREE SHIPPING ON ALL ORDERS!

Product or Service Mentioned: Eddie Bauer Shipping Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Eddie Bauer Cons: Rude customer service condenscending.

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I agree they screwed me twice both times items are being shipped them whammo there's an email telling me the item is no longer available...never shopping at that *** chain again.


Eddie Bauer Sucks.....only half the items received, charged for all. Customer service hours on hold, and cannot speak English!

Never will I shop with them again. What a headache!


I ordered items online and got an email telling me they were being shipped and then hey guess what? They are now arriving a day later and I get an email telling me some of the items are no longer available!

WTF? Their online system ***


I'm wearing my second knit shirt that has developed little holes. Love the style of these shirts but they just do not hold up in the wash. I won't buy any more.