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I was expecting an exchange or a refund for a hat that I returned that I bought online. I returned a L/XL green hat and wrote on the invoice that I'd like a size S/M if available.

I was expecting either a new S/M size hat at my door or a refund for my return. Eddie Bauer went into my bank account and charged me for the hat again. When I asked why I was being charged for the hat again, when I simply should receive an exchange, I got responses from almost 5 to 6 different incompentent customer service reps; none of who could explain why I was being charged for the hat again. A coupe told me that I was being charged for the shipping (which states that it should be free).

Meanwhile, the *** customer service manager tells me that I was charged for the hat again at a discounted price; that makes everything better. Eddie Bauer is bankrupt; this is there way of making extra money by scamming their customers.

Product or Service Mentioned: Eddie Bauer Shipping Service.

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I have found, that when you call in for an exchange they do charge you card for the new item (minus the shipping). You get a credit for the original item once it's been returned.

Any company would do this. If they didn't, who's to say if they would get the original item back or not.

If you return / exchange by mail you are refunded the original price you paid minus a $6 return fee or they send you out the new item.

If you return to one of the stores, you get everything back and you do not have to pay the $6 return fee.

Personally I think it should be a fair return any way you choose to return, but when you call in an exchange without having returned the original, I see why they charge your card again. That's why you use an actual credit card and not a bank debit card.


I have spent the past week trying to get an excess charge put back into my account. EB took $74.15 out of my debit account when my receipt was for $15.86.

I returned a pair of jeans that I had purchased online to an EB outlet. I had my receipt and everything was left on the jeans in the original shipping. The Assistant Manager issued me a gift certificate for the jeans so that I could purchase another pair and she ordered from the store through customer service (because she said there will be no shipping if ordered through the store). The difference was $15.86 and she gave me a receipt for same.

My bank has held the funds going on 5 days now for $74.15 and they instructed me to file a fraud claim for the excess money. EB will not fess up to the mistake.

I am sure this is not the first or will be the last time this happens. Beware of Eddie Bauer's scam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


As someone who has worked in customer service and retail for many yeras, I sincerely doubt this was intentional. Eddie Bauer may simply not be able to track down when or by whom the error was made.

I hope you took your bank's advice and filed the claim because it is probably the most efficient means of fixing the situation and figuring out what happened.

Sometimes it even ends up being the bank's fault. Unfortunately there is always the possibility of this type of error when ordering via online or telephone.