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Beware of making returns to Eddie Bauer. If you use a shipping method other than the label provided, they will still deduct the shipping costs as if you did you their label.

Unless you pay close attention to your credit amounts, they will get away with it. I have spoken to a representative "in their President's Office" who promised to look into it, but obviously they feel consumers are *** enough not to notice a discrepancy in their credit amounts.

If you enclose more than one receipt they will try to get away with deducting the shipping charges on each receipt. Eddie Bauer is aware of the problem and refuses to correct it.

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let me get this straight. you tried to outsmart them by shipping multiple returns in one box and using an alternate shipping method and it didn't work out for you and you're mad? first of all why would you go to this amount of trouble when it's so easy to return things to the store and they don't charge you anything?


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Actually if you pay close attention you will notice that the return label says there will be a return fee deducted from your return amount unless you are simply making an exchange. I wouldn't ever really ship anything back because you can bring whatever you purchase over the phone/web/catalog/store back to any Eddie Bauer store, regardless of what it came from (unless you bought it from an external seller such as Target or Amazon or RMI).

They didn't try to 'get away' with deducting the shipping charges, they did exactly as they say they would. There is no 'problem' to be corrected.

I can see however that the notice isn't very obvious on the package. Just a as a future notice try and bring it back to a store for quick, fee-less return.