Memphis, Tennessee

Bought an Eddie Bauer fleece top at Sam's Club and it was made in China and way too small for an XL size. Eddie Bauer always had superior quality products that you could count on.

When I called EB customer service they advised that the product I bought was a licensed product and they have no authority over quality. She also said if I buy EB items direct from them that I would get a better quality product. My faith in the quality of a product with the EB name on it has been eliminated.

I will no longer buy EB products. If you allow your name to be placed on a product it should represent the quality it has been known for.

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Sounds to me like you should stop shopping at Sam's Club. Lots of companies license their products.

Inconsistencies are to be expected, sorry, but it's true. There's even a significant quality difference between apparel you get from the retail mall versus the outlet mall, and not just with Eddie Bauer. That goes for every company out there with retail and outlet store concepts and/or licensing agreements.

Long story short, you get what you pay for. Sad but true.


As I have found out, most foreign-made clothing bears little resemblance to American sizes. I spent decades wearing a size 9 1/2 shoe and now, depending on the brand---all made in a foreign land---I wear a size 10, 11, or even a size 12.

For a shirt, I no longer can usually wear a size large. Now it is an XL or XXL.

When you buy a brand like Eddie Bauer, you are still buying foreign-made junk, but with an American name on it. Best to buy the cheapest that you like, no matter the name.

All this stuff is made in a factory somewhere in China, Bangladesh, etc.

and they just put a different name tag on the final product.


Sadly people will not want to pay for products made in the USA. clothing is made overseas because its cheaper to do so.

We have things like labor laws and other benefits that would have to be factored in when paying for an item made in the US. The quality would be even worse. After awhile, once everyone made their clothing in the US (if that were to even happen, hypothetically), prices world probably settle down and be more reasonable. But, unfortunately customers won't want to pay the prices of items made in the US.

People can spout off all they want, but it's true.