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I purchased over $300.00 worth of clothing through their Amazon store. When the order arrived I noticed they charged me taxes.

I live in a state that has no taxes on clothing. I called to request a refund as they were in violation of the tax laws in my state. They refunded $1, not the $20 that was due back to me. I contacted Eddie Bauer.

They said contact Amazon. WTF?! I have no paperwork to reference that E.B. ever sent a credit.

But I complied. Amazon also only showed $1 refund. This turned into Eddie Bauer REFUSING to invest an iota of time to investigate that credit. Call Amazon was Eddie Bauers level of commitement to help me, we, EB issued a $20 refund, I heard this over & Over & OVER again my Eddie Bauer.

NO.. NO you did not! I heard the same fricken drum beat response from Eddie Bauer "we issued that credit", sometimes for added insult they'd say that they DO need to charge taxes. over Again, WTF, what part of 'you are in violation of tax law' do they not GET?????

This is by far THE ABSOLUTE worst customer service I have ever encountered, and I am an 'early adopter' of online shopping. I've had 14 years of experience with online shopping & returns. PLEASE PLEASE beware of these idiots, it has been beyond frustrating. I will now only add that AMAZON has been AMAZING.

They have all along agreed with & concured factually to my information. Why in the world would Eddie Bauer think that making a customer assume the role of the auditing department of refunds, a good idea??? Phones ring both ways between Eddie Bauer & Amazon right??? Eddie Bauer should have immediately refunded me the full amount, and when an error was brought to their attention THEY should have followed up with Amazon.

Instead of repeatedly telling me to call Amazon myself. I will NEVER, repeat NEVER shop with E.B. again......I don't care if they run a dollar sale. I will shop for polo's at J.

Crew or L.L. Bean.

Monetary Loss: $20.

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Eddie Bauer and Amazon are two different entities. If you purchased an EB item at Target would you expect the same thing??

Amazon should have handled this whole thing - not the Eddie Bauer store, as you did not purchase from them - you purchased from AMAZON. Products are sometimes LISCENSED!!

@AG Amazon Webstore or research it on, it much like ebay has many independent sellers who do their own fulfillment, Eddie Bauer is doing the exact same thing THROUGH the Amazon site, Amazon is not stocking or fulfilling orders. (licensed is the word you were looking for)


When you buy something that says Eddie Bauer from someone other than, calling them directly to place an order, or even going to one of their stores, you are not buying from Eddie Bauer. That's just common sense.

And if you want a refund for something, you go to who you bought it from. That too is common sense. For someone who shops online all the time for multiple years, you should know this. If you bought a pair of Nike shoes on Amazon and from Amazon, you would not go to Nike for any refunds, you would go to Amazon.

This same common sense would apply to other stores like Target or Sam's Club.

Eddie Bauer would have nothing to do with this transaction, that would be Amazon.

They need to fix your issue, not EB. And to stop shopping one brand because of the service you get from a company like Amazon is ridicules.

@Common Sense

Well Common what you fail to understand is that independent companys have store fronts within the Amazon umbrella. So in this case my transactions were done through Eddie Bauer directly.

The invoice was from Eddie Bauer, the shipping box and return address were also Eddie Bauer.

Amazon was just a virtual store front.


You still placed the order through Amazon. Everything else you may have received may have been from Eddie Bauer, but the transaction itself was processed through the Amazon website.

Therefore, everything must be handled through Amazon customer service no matter anything else. Only if you made your purchase on the actual Eddie Bauer website would Eddie Bauer customer service be able to help you.


You are incorrect statements. What you are failing to understand is Amazon has another large component, and that is 3rd party sellers.

The sellers have two options, process payments through Amazon or through their own store front payment process.

Amazon in Eddie Bauers case gives them more exposure for their products, but when the sale is made it is made directly with Eddie Bauer.