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I received an email from Eddie Bauer, about their weekend sale. You could save up to 60% shopping online. But, the email included a 10% off your entire order as well. This coupon must be used in store. Ok. I went to the store, found some great sale items, and tried to use my coupon. The employees had to discuss amongst themselves, but they concluded they would not give me the 10%, because the items I bought were already discounted. One of the employees tried to put me in my place by explaining that I was already getting a good deal. Nice. (She also mentioned the 'corporate' is always making things diffcult for them.)

I double checked the email and coupon. The coupon says 10% off the entire order. It does not say anything about sale items, clearance items, etc. It makes no distinction. In fact, the title of the email is "everything on sale, + additional savings". The email makes you believe they are having a great sale, and if you come into the store, you get an additional 10% off.

So, I called customer service. She was nice but had no authority to do anything for me, except send my complaint up the chain. She did listen to what happened and she was able to read the email/coupon that was sent out. Guess what? She AGREED with me! She said it doesn't make any distinction, and she would have given me the 10%. She was the only person in the process to tell me that Eddie Bauer valued me as a customer, and that they wanted to do anything they could to make this right.

Unfortunately, she was the only one who felt that way. I received a voice mail the next morning, from another person, explaining to me once again that the reason I did not receive the 10% was because the items I purchased were already discounted.

No. Eddie Bauer you are wrong. You send an email advertising a sale, and include a 10% off your entire purchase, you even state in the title, everything on sale + additional savings. Then you say that 10% is for non sale items even though the email and coupon say no such thing?

I am still shocked that Eddie Bauer would use the old bait and switch on customers.

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As noted in our last response, we would love the opportunity to discuss this matter further with you, as we value our customers greatly.

By sending an email with your contact information we will be able to contact you directly to offer further assistance.



Eddie Bauer Customer Service


Dear Miss Alyson from Eddie Bauer, thank you so much for responding to my concern with a automated generic email that doesn't address my issue at all and that clearly shows my concern was not even read.


Thank you Alyson for taking the time to read my concern and respond. I did call customer service already, who sent my request up the chain.

Someone from your company already looked into it and decided final judgement. I am not sure how reporting the same thing again would help?


We apologize you had a disappointing experience when trying to use your promotional coupon in our store on your recent visit. We understand how frustrating that can be.

Please send an email to with the details of your issue, your contact information(name & phone), the store location you originally visited, and we will ensure your concerns are addressed.



Eddie Bauer Customer Service