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A week before Black Friday, I got an email blast from Eddie Bauer saying they were having their Friends & Family sale, 25% off, free shipping, biggest event and savings of the year. Great! I took the bait and ordered two pairs of boots for over $200, even with the savings.

A week later, there's another email blast that says 30% off and free shipping. What's that you say??? The 25% a week before wasn't the BIGGEST EVENT of the year??? I called and expressed my dissatisfaction with their fraudulent advertising practices. They did credit me 5% but with no real explanation why they can say in one email that it's the best sale of the year and it isn't. I told them it was a lie and to take me off their email.

Well, much to my surprise they didn't take me off their email and the next day I get an email saying buy today and get 40% off!!! First I'm realizing that I'm paying way too much for these boots for them to offer this much off.

Hey, I know we can't always get the best prices with sales. You can buy it at one price one day and it could be marked down half price the next day. The chances you take. But when a company says that it's their biggest and best sale of the year and you buy and then comes back and has an even higher discount a week later, well, where I'm from we call that fraud.

I'm sending back your boots, EB, but it's not going to be at my expense. You committed fraud; you're going to have to pay for my shipping or I'll cancel the entire thing with my credit card company.

I'm through with this company. Why isn't some consumer group monitoring these bad practices? You would think that there would be more recourse, but the best is for a good mass of people not to shop with them.

They never got back to me when I asked them for an additional 10% off to bring me to the 50% discount. So much for the friends and family sale. If this is how they treat their friends, well...

Monetary Loss: $210.

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You do realize that most companies do this, right. Gap, Banana Republic, Old Navy, J Crew, etc...

At the time 25% was the biggest sale that year. Sales change, do you complain at the grocery store as well when a price changes? Yes, it can be frustrating, but companies all watch each other. Competitors base their sales on what the other sties are doing, how things are selling, the weather, customers buying habits and such.

Sales change, but as one person already stated, they do orice adjustments up to 14 days. The only other company that I've dealt with that does that is J Jill.


Eddie Bauer has a 14 day policy. If you purchase something and price goes down within 14 days, you can get a price adjustment. No other company offers this...


:cry :cry