Saint Paul, Minnesota
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Placed an order which arrived in the wrong size. Returned it with proper paperwork requesting correct size.

Got an email stating a credit would be issued so I called to ask why the new size wasn't being sent. They told me they must have made an error and would I like to re-order. I said not until my credit shows up on my bank account. When it did show up I called them back to ask them to send me the correct size.

Instead they sent me to identical orders and charged my card the tune of $120.00 for each transaction.......have been waiting for several days for proof that they have issued the credit as they are tying up funds that I need on my debit card. They say they will provide it but have "reached out" to their account department and they can't seem to find any info on it yet...maybe tomorrow.

I will NEVER shop there again. Their customer service is ridiculous...they make you feel like you are dealing with the office of the President when in reality they are just CSR's that know NOTHING.

Monetary Loss: $120.

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I would always recommend going into an actual store to address customer service issues and having a store manager contact customer service on your behalf. Clearly customer service was at fault in this situation, but a store manager may have been able to help make things right in a more efficient manner.