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I bought a down sweater for my husband on Cyber monday for Christmas. They had good discounts and we love Eddie Bauer items.

2 weeks later, I was told that the item I asked for wasn't available anymore. I called the customer service and was told that they didn't carry the color that I ordered. I asked for a 2 other colors and were told that they had only 2 (ugly) colors (they have 7 colors on the website) left in stock. When I asked if he could check what they have in stores, I was told they can't see the store inventory.

So, it's Dec 11 today, I don't have a gift and if I want a similar jacket, I need to pay the full price since I missed all the discounts. When I asked the customer service what going to do for me, all he did was apologize which doesn't help me at all.

I'm VERY dissapointed in Eddie Bauer and won't be buying anything from them. They need to realize competitors have the same thing and probably better customer service.

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I would always recommend physically going into a store and speaking to a store manager. Online and catalog customer service is much more likely to help you if pressured by a store manager to do so.


The same thing happened to me except it was a BC microtherm Down jacket and it took Eddie Bauer three weeks to decide it was out of stock. They responded to my complaint blaming it on a supplier who did not come through.

they did offer me a 10 $ cupon to use at their store (where I can buy a full price item. I can;t believe they did not sell one of these jackets for the three weeks mine was on order.

I think they sold it at full price to somone else and did not honor my cyber Monday purchase. I will be purchasing my outerware elsewhere.

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