New York, New York
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I have bought from them for quite a few years now but I notice that almost every time you order from them customer service says its in and then all of a sudden it isn't a few days later. I have had it with this company!!

I will be looking elsewhere to shop for now on!!!!

This is so frustrating for those of us looking for good sales & then told over & over that all of a sudden we are out of the product.

They need to keep their clearance updated a lot better than they have been. Will no longer shop online from them!!

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No matter where you order, if something is on clearance or real popular, it might be out of stock before they get to fulfilling your order. The orders are filled on a first come, first served basis, and by the time they get to your order, they can be out of it. As things are being ordered, they can't be updating the web site at the same time.